I think fabulous might be an understatement.

I repainted Rarity’s face to make it more realistic so it fit in better with the style I used for Pinkie Pie.scarequestria rarity comparison scarequestria rarity compilation

On a personal note, I’m putting together application packages for grad school.  Had a weird moment today where I realized I can legitimately put B.S. after my name.  XD

She’s for sale on Etsy.

More Rarity

This is my first time using Krylon Workable Fixative and it’s pretty good.  I was able to get some awesome color from my colored pencils and pastels.  Two things to keep in mind are 1) apply thin coats and 2) avoid applying too many coats.  If you have to wipe something off and the fixative is layered on thickly, there will be a noticeable difference where you wiped stuff off.

I also had a lot of fun with the pastels.  Every other time I tried, they just didn’t seem to be working.  This time, though, with a base layer of the Krylon fixative, it was just wonderful.


I should remember to take more progress pictures as I go.  I didn’t even notice the pale spot in the middle of the bottom lip until I was looking at this picture.


I also started wetting the pastels and “painting” them on, which gave me some great definition that I wasn’t quite getting from the pencils.


Here’s the finished product:



I found some Harumika sets for sale at my local Toys R Us.  I’m going to try and adapt one of the sets into an outfit.  Hopefully I can whip something up with my awful sewing skills.


Rarity Status Update!

I spoke too soon.  Working long hours again, but I managed to find time to work some on Rarity.  IMG_20130724_221052_888

The colors aren’t true in this photo, the hair is much more purple than blue.  The top part is Vineyard Violet and the bottom is a mix of Vineyard Violet and Red Red Wine from DollyHair.com

I originally intended to use a top layer of Great Grape and Shocking Fuschia, but that matches the brushable Rarity, not the show Rarity.  I’m using deviantArt user kefkafloyd‘s color guides as a reference and trying to match the dolls to the cartoon colors, not the brushable colors.  Although I guess the color guide for Rarity doesn’t have any purples, so I’m really using a mix of both colors?  Either way, it looks like the two-tone hair color is going to look absolutely stunning.  I can’t wait!

Busy Summer is Busy

Finally have a breather, so I picked up my Catrine bait and put on season 3 of My Little Ponies.  I just realized that Howleen is already perfect for a Babs Seed doll, all I’d need to do is repaint the face and think of how to add the stripes in her hair.

My cats are very judgemental.

Look at them.  Judging us all.  Cats are dicks.

I am at an impasse….

If I must be honest, Derpy/Ditzy Doo is ready for sale.  I have just been hesitating the past week because I don’t want to make a costume for her.  So….  I have had increased traffic in the past week and a half; enough that I think I can get valid feedback when I ask this:

I want to make the brony community my target audience, and so I would like feedback for any bronies who are interested in buying MH dolls made to look like MLP characters.

Experimenting with spray paint



Painting the vampire boy CAM candy-apple red.  I used Rustoleum paint.  I think I’m just not giving it a chance to dry fully, the paint is slightly tacky and pulls away from the plastic a bit when I pull it off the towel.  I’m loving the color, though.

In other news, I finished rooting a head for Rarity, then it turned out that it wasn’t the right shade.  I have more hair on the way that should be a better shade.  As for Derpy/Ditzy Doo’s outfit, I know sort of how I want it to work.  I just really am not a fan of sewing.  :\


Behold, everyone’s favorite mailpony!

Tomorrow I’ll try to make her a little postman uniform.

I feel like Applejack at the end of the Applebuck Season episode

I just finished working 10 days straight and I am tired as all get-out.  Luckily I’m off the next four days before I go back to the normal Mon-Fri gig.  So tonight I’m kicking back, popping open a couple of beers, and RIT-dying my CAM vampire boy red so I can turn him into Big MacIntosh.  Rather than making a lot of small posts, I’ll be updating this one as I go along.  I’ll try to remember to timestamp my updates, but the number of beers involved is going to be greater than one, less than thirty, so I promise nothing.  (8 May, 5:30pm)

So here’s my messy workspace and the onlookers.  Dead Tired Abbey aka future Rainbow Dash, ongoing Rarity, and Ghoulia….just because.  I adore her Scaris dress.  I wish I had one.  I’m dying him first, then if the dye is blotchy like it was for No Nap Time, I’ll be sanding him lightly and redying.(6:05pm)

I just remembered that some yarn dyers add salt to the water to help the color stick to the yarn.  I might try that if the plain dye doesn’t take.

After about a half-hour of dying…

Ew!  He’s all blotchy and nasty.  I put the hands and feet in with the head because the hands and feet seem to be made of the softer vinyl like the head rather than the rest of the limbs.  But the dye is wiping off. :\  So for take 2, I’ll be putting salt in the water (it makes the water boil hotter) and lightly sanding the head, hands, and feet with 320 grit (6:55pm)

Ugh.  I added some salt and tried again, with little improvement.  On the one hand, if the excess dye is rubbed off, he could be considered close to some part of the human skin tone gradient…  I’m going to take a break, then switch my focus to Rarity-in-progress.  I think I might be able to pull off her hair using the hair I have available.  More after the break.  (7:40pm)

Ermagerd, I love fortune cookies so much.  Nomnomnom…